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Lag Kloth is a woven that is designed to repair and/or cover existing asbestos insulation on pipes, boilers and breeching. Areas that are repaired or re-covered with Lag Kloth can be successfully top coated with Lag Kote, Lag Kote II or SerpiMastic for complete encapsulation.


  • Water activated, non-flammable
  • Withstands temperatures up to 600°F
  • Top coat with Lag Kote, Lag Kote II or SerpiMastic for complete encapsulation
  • Available in three convenient sizes: 5’ x 15’ Blankets, 5’  x 150’ Rolls and 4” x 150’ Tape Strips

How to Use


Prior to application it is important to determine if the existing asbestos matrix is well adhered to the substrate. Correct any surface defects and clean all surfaces thoroughly. Be careful not to agitate asbestos fibers during preparation; this could increase asbestos exposure. Locate damaged asbestos containing thermal insulation. Thoroughly remove all dust and dirt that has accumulated on lagging or covering, using a vacuum with a HEPA filter specifically designed to capture hazardous dust and waste or wipe surfaces with a damp cloth. Do not air clean surfaces; this could increase asbestos exposure. Heavy rust should be scraped or wire brushed from all ferrous metal surfaces or hangers before vacuuming surrounding surfaces. Wetting exposed insulation with Fiberlock’s Penewet wetting agent will help suppress the release of asbestos fibers.


Cut Lag Kloth to appropriate size. Dip Lag Kloth in water and smooth out excess water (DO NOT WRING OUT). Shape Lag Kloth to specific area by hand and apply to surface. Overlap loose ends of Lag Kloth to ensure complete coverage. Allow Lag Kloth to dry before applying Lag Kote or Lag Kote II.


  • @ 70°F 50% R.H
  • Hot insulation – 2-4 hours
  • Cold insulation – 8-12 hours


Tools and drippings should be cleaned with warm soapy water before adhesive dries. Dispose of all waste according to current local, state and federal regulations.


  • Count (per sq. in.) ± 10%: 18 x 14 Weight (oz./sq. yd.) ± 10%: 14.8 Thickness (in.) ± 10%: 0.024
  • Breaking Strength (lb./in.): Warp: 100
  • Fill: 45 Maximum Surface Temperature: 600°F


Store in a dry place at temperatures between 40°F (4.5°C) and 90°F (32°C). Approved respirators must be used to prevent inhalation of asbestos fibers that may be present in the air. Protective clothing should be worn. Careful consideration should be given to all EPA, OSHA and state regulations in effect at the time of application of Lag Kloth.

Safety & Technical Data Sheets