When addressing mold and water damage, you need to make sure you get lasting results. That’s why pros in the remediation business adhere to industry best practices which include a three step process: Clean. Kill. Coat.™ Fiberlock and Benefect provide the most complete, most effective products to ensure that mold and water damage issues are remediated and that your investment, health, and safety are protected.

Thoroughly clean all surfaces with Advanced Peroxide Cleaner or Atomic Degreaser. Using deep cleaning degreasers and products with foaming / lifting action provides savings of time and labor and provides a clean substrate for step 2.

Disinfect/Sanitize surfaces with Decon 30 or Shockwave to kill bacteria and other microbial organisms that remain on the surface after cleaning.

Protect your investment, prevent the regrowth of mold, and get long lasting protection by painting the area with IAQ 6000 or AfterShock mold resistant and/or fungicidal coatings.

When water goes where it’s not supposed to, it creates a multitude of problems. Industry experts agree: long-lasting remediation of water damage requires a 3-step process that will CLEAN the surface, KILL remaining microscopic organisms and then COAT to control future growth.

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The Clean. Kill. Coat.™ System is produced by Fiberlock and Benefect under ICP Building Solutions Group – Environmental Restoration Group.