Clean. Kill. Coat.

Valuable diagram sheet that explains the 3 step process for properly treating flood and water damage.

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Limpiar. Matar. Pintar.

Hoja de diagrama de valor que explica el proceso de 3 pasos para el tratamiento adecuado de las inundaciones y daños por agua.

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FEMA Fact Sheet for Cleaning Flooded Buildings

Informative article from Hurricane Sandy on cleaning flood-damaged homes, drying prior to rebuilding, and the drawbacks of bleach.

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SBDR Flood Recovery Manual

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief flood recovery manual containing experience driven guidelines.

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JOEH Case Study

Examining the high efficiency of quaternary ammonium chloride disinfectants in water damage and storm recovery based on field data and experience post Hurricane Katrina.

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ShockWave for Storm Recovery

ShockWave disinfectant and sanitizer is formulated and EPA registered for water damage restoration and mold cleanup.

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IICRC S500 is the standard and reference guide for professional mold remediation. The excerpt here has key information on the recommended performance requirements and best practices for chemical and coating use when remediating mold. For the complete standard content, visit the IICRC at

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Preventative Coatings and Why They Matter

Informative mold coatings article from R&R magazine that explains how preventative coatings work.

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NADCA HVAC Position Paper

Best practices for using chemical products in HVAC systems.

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Charitable Resources

North American Mission Board/Southern Baptist Disaster Relief

Temporary Headquarters – Houston Send Relief Command Post
First Baptist Church
7401 Katy Freeway
Houston, TX 77024

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Additional Resource Links

FEMA Hurricane Harvey Resource Page

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