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How to Clean Smoke Damaged Walls with Fiberlock Smoke Odor Sealer

March 20, 2018How To

Cleaning smoke damaged walls shortly after a fire is always recommended in order to prevent toxins and chemicals from the fire from soaking into the walls of the building. Fortunately, our team at Fiberlock offers a quality solution that can protectively seal away smoke damage in walls in three simple steps by using our ULTRA RECON Smoke Odor Sealer.

Contractors who choose Fiberlock ULTRA RECON Smoke and Odor Sealer can provide unmatchable service because our sealant encapsulates malodors on an array of surfaces and blocks the toughest stains. You can follow these three steps to clean smoke damage off of home or building walls:

Step One: Cleaning Smoke Damaged Walls Begins with Prevention

The first objective after a fire is to ventilate the house. This requires opening windows and placing fans throughout the home to get the air moving. There is a chance that items in the house have substantial water damage so it is beneficial to use these fans as well as dehumidifiers to dry carpets, draperies, and other items in the home. When it comes to cleaning smoke damaged walls, simple acts of ventilating and drying the home can prevent further damage from occurring.

Step Two: Cleaning Smoke Damaged Walls to Eliminate Soot

The next objective of cleaning smoke damaged walls is to remove soot from as much of the damaged area as possible. This process requires high quality cleaners such as Fiberlock RECON Heavy Duty Cleaner. Our cleaner will ensure that the damaged substrate is as clean as possible when moving into the next steps of repairing smoke damaged walls. After the damaged surfaces have been substantially cleaned and dried, a sealant can be applied with a brush, airless spray or roller.

Step Three: Seal Away the Toxins and Chemicals

Once the damaged areas have been cleaned extensively, the final objective of repairing smoke damaged walls can be tackled. A generous proportion of ULTRA RECON Smoke Odor Sealer can be applied to the damaged areas. This sealant is capable of masking smells caused by smoke and other carcinogens, and it also encapsulates some of the toughest stains that have soaked into the porous surfaces in the area.

Fiberlock ULTRA RECON Smoke Odor Sealer provides a quality, trusted solution for fire damage restoration. To learn more about the Fiberlock products available, contact us today or find a Fiberlock distributor near you.

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