NexStrip Pro

Maximum Strength Dual-Action Paste Paint Stripper

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Piranha NexStrip Pro contains a dual-action stripping formula that begins by attacking the paint system on contact, then penetrates into the paint system and delaminates it from underneath for complete paint removal. The unique paste formulation clings to and tenaciously attacks multiple layers of almost any coating system. Easy to work with and easy to clean up, Piranha NexStrip Pro can be used on interior and exterior surfaces.


  • Super strength dual-action stripping formula
  • Removes the most stubborn paint systems
  • Non-flammable
  • Methylene chloride free
  • No neutralization required

How to Use


Protect all surfaces not being stripped with polyethylene sheeting. Protect plants and vegetation.


Piranha NexStrip Pro is a ready to use product. Do not dilute. Mix before using for best results. Ideal working temperatures are between 60-90°F; when applied at surface temperatures below 55°F performance will be reduced and longer dwell times may be required. Higher temperatures can dry out remover prematurely which will stop the paint removal process; reapply to rewet the original coat if drying occurs prior to removal. Applying too thin can result in premature drying and result in additional product applications. Avoid direct sunlight. Workers must wear impervious gloves, apron and footwear and safety goggles and/or face shield while using Piranha NexStrip Pro. Take wind drift into consideration if spraying.

Before application, it is imperative to test on a small, inconspicuous area to determine compatibility, required dwell time, coverage and desired results. The end user shall determine suitability of the product for its intended use(s), and the user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection with the application of this product. Note that the dwell time required to remove a paint system is dependent on the application temperature, humidity and the thickness/type of paint system being stripped. Will work in as little as 2 hours. Typically, 8-12 hour dwell times will yield good results on most coatings. However, extended dwell times of 24 to 72 hours can result in more complete outcomes on multilayer paint systems. When Piranha NexStrip Pro is to be left for an extended period of time (beyond 6 hours), cover with Piranha Paper to slow the evaporation process and extend the product dwell time.


Apply Piranha NexStrip Pro with a brush, a trowel or airless spray equipment.

  • Brush: Synthetic, nylon or polyester bristle
  • Spray: .023 to .030 tip size, .75GPM flow rate, 3/8” hose, remove filters to improve flow and clean equipment thoroughly after application to prevent corrosion.

Clean all applicators and equipment with soap and water or denatured alcohol.


Apply Piranha NexStrip Pro between 1/16”1/4” thick. When applying with an airless sprayer two coats will be necessary to achieve required film thickness.


40-60 square feet per gallon. Coverage rates will vary depending upon surface, application method and application thickness. Be certain that all uneven or irregular surfaces receive adequate coverage.


Once the paint has fully softened and lifted, remove using a scraper or putty knife. Collect all remover waste and paint residue for proper disposal in accordance with all federal, state and local regulations. Do not store or collect removed paint or residue in metal containers. Use plastic containers only. Immediately following paint removal thoroughly clean substrate with mild detergent solution. If there is a thin layer of paint residue that remains agitation with a damp nylon bristle brush, sponge or pressure washing will usually remove this layer. Perform a final clean water rinse and let surface fully dry prior to painting. All Piranha NexStrip Pro residues must be fully removed prior to painting. Close container after each use. Keep away from heat sources and keep from freezing. Shelf life is 36 months in original, closed containers stored at temperatures between 55 and 75°F.


Protective clothing should be worn. Wear rubber gloves. Wear eye protection at all times. Face and head protection should be worn when working at face level or overhead. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Avoid breathing vapors or mists. Do not take internally. Use only with adequate ventilation. Wash with soap and water after each use. Keep container closed when not in use. Store in a dry place at temperatures between 40°F (4.5°C) and 90°F (32°C).

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